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our history

our history:

We are grateful for the heritage of our Parish. Below is a short summary of our heritage. If you would like the full history of the Anglican Church in the region, please click here.

Papakura Anglican

The first Anglican service in Papakura took place in 1850 under the direction of The Reverend Lush, Vicar of Howick. At this time, there were no parish churches in the area and services were often conducted in local schools and private homes. From the beginning, there was a strong foundation of lay people committed to the Anglican Church. 

Members of several prominent families strove to ensure that the work and mission of the Church would be established and nurtured in Papakura. Many of these families are still represented today within our congregation.

The Selwyn Chapel at the front of Christ Church was consecrated by Bishop Selwyn on Sunday 5 October, 1862 and the Memorial Sanctuary was dedicated in 1923. It is an historic Selwyn church of wooden construction with a shingle roof and has a Category B historic heritage status.

Architect Richard Toy designed Christ Church. Building started in May 1960 and in 1961 Bishop Gowing opened Christ Church. Christ Church is a fine example of mid-century architecture and has a Category B heritage status as well. It is of concrete construction, designed to accommodate 400 worshippers. 

With continued growth to the congregation, the Welcome Centre was added to Christ Church in 2005 to provide a venue for hospitality after the service and office space.

"Within ten feet of the unceasing hustle and roar of the main southern highway, Papakura’s Selwyn Chapel bears striking testimony to a century of devoted worship and witness. And a few miles further south, at Drury, within a hundred yards of the same Great South Road, the white walls and wooden shingles of St. John’s Church provide another glimpse of the old world, reminding us of the continuing fellowship and service of the Anglican community through the years."

Rev. Murray Mills, 1962

St Margaret's Anglican Church in Karaka

St Margaret's Anglican Church in Karaka was built in 1954 on land donated by Mr Dick Urquhart. The chruch was dedicated and consecrated on 16 December 1956 by Bishop Simkin. 

St John's in Drury was opened in June 1863 by Bishop Selwyn. Built at a cost of 1000 pounds, reputably from a single Kauri tree gifted by Mr Willian Cossey. St John's history has been long intertwined with Christ Church in Papakura. 

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