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Papakura community dinner

Currently on hold

Vision To provide a meal for those in need and to engage with the community. 


The Community dinner provides a meal and fellowship for those in need every Tuesday evening from 6pm to 7.30pm. We have 80-100 people attending every week and the dinner is making a very real and positive impact in the lives of those who attend.

It is hosted at Crossroads Methodist Church hall and supported by Papakura Anglican church, St Mary’s Catholic Parish, Society of St Vincent De Paul, and many others.

We need volunteers to support this:

Would you like to help out?  

We have various roles, of which you can volunteer for more than one, as a lot of them occur at different times throughout the evening. For example, if you were willing to be there the whole night you could volunteer for set up, hospitality and pack down. 

Please contact us for a PDF outling the job descriptions.

Donations are always gratefully accepted. Monetary donations are vital to ensure this dinner is possible plus we know that many of our local community are avid gardeners, so if you suddenly find your pumpkin patch is overwhelmed with produce, please give us a call, we'll gratefully accept fresh produce for the kitchen.

Approximate time frame of the evening

  • Hall will be open at 5pm for the set up and kitchen volunteers. 

  • People arrive at 6pm. 

  • Dinner is served at 6.15pm. 

  • Pack down starts at 6.45pm 

  • Everyone should be out the door around 7.30ish or when everything is finished. 

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