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About us

The Anglican Church of Papakura operates across three churches: Selwyn Chapel and Christ Church in Papakura and the beautiful St Margarets's in Karaka.

We have a range of services on Sundays and through the week to meet the needs of all of our parishioners, and have a full calendar of events supporting our local community, youth, families and the local areas pastoral health.

Additionally, we are available for baptisms and dedications, weddings and funerals.


  • Tell of God’s love to all people;

  • Teach, baptise and nurture believers;

  • Respond to human need by loving service;

  • Seek to change all unjust practices and their results,

  • Challenge violence in every form and pursue peace and reconciliation; and

  • Care and protect God’s creation.



  • At Papakura Anglican,

  • we are an open and welcoming community of faith.

  • We value our diversity and offer generous hospitality to all, young and old.

  • In worship that draws us toward God,

  • we seek to encounter the peace and hope of God.

  • We are committed to growing in faith and understanding, so that we may

  • love, serve and care for one another and the wider community.

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Reverend Jason


office   09 320 5790

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Reverend Anne

Permission to Officiate

St Margaret's Karaka

office     09 299 8086

Reverend Isabel

Permission to Officiate

office     09 299 8086

Vicar's Warden
office     09 299 8086
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People's Warden
office     09 299 8086
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Church Administrator
(10am - 2pm Monday to Thursday)
office     09 299 8086
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office     09 299 8086

Vestry and its functions

Vestry has an important role in the life of the church.

Vestry must have between 3-15 elected members as per resolution at the Annual General Meeting.

Its main functions are:

  1. To work with the Vicar or Minister along with the ministry team to provide and support services and pastoral care

  2. To provide governing and direction for the parish life

  3. To communicate to and promote the parish in community

  4. To ensure financial viability for the ministry of the parish to fulfill its functions and mission

  5. Under the Diocesan Statutes (which govern all Parishes and Ministry Units) vestry is:

    • To promote the worship of God, the Holy Trinity;

    • To proclaim the good news of the Kingdom of God;

    • To teach, baptise and nurture believers in the Christian faith within the Anglican tradition;

    • To respond to human need by loving service;

    • To seek to transform the unjust structures of society;

    • To strive to safeguard the integrity of creation, and to sustain and renew the life of the earth;

    • In accordance with the Constitution/Te Pouhere, to function on the basis of partnership with Te Pihopatanga o Aotearoa and the Diocese of Polynesia and their constituent parts.

Parish Wardens

The role of parish wardens is as above with the following roles as additional:

  1. To be the key lay leaders of their Parish;

  2. To be the spokespersons for the Vestry to the members of the Parish;

  3. To be the spokespersons for the members of the Parish to the Vestry;

  4. To provide leadership in helping the Vestry meet its responsibilities;

  5. To support the work of clergy licensed to the Parish; and

  6. To ensure that the Vestry and the Vicar are properly informed about matters for which they are each responsible.


  1. There are two wardens for each Parish. These are:


  • Vicar’s or Bishop’s Warden (nominated by the Vicar or Bishop in the absence of a Vicar or Minister in Charge)

  • People’s Warden (elected at the Annual General Meeting)

Synod Representatives

Synod Representatives are a part of the Vestry with particular concern around aspects of the Diocesan life that affect the church.

The role of Synod Representative is:

  1. To represent the Vestry of a Parish at Diocesan Synod Gatherings

  2. To present to the Vestry information from and regarding Diocesan direction

  3. Report to the Annual General Meeting each year a report on Diocesan activities and Synod events

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