Selwyn chapel
& Christ church
40 Coles Crescent, Papakura 2110
324 Linwood Road, Karaka

(09) 299 8086

PO Box 72633, Papakura 2244

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@2018-2020 by Papakura Anglican Church.

About us

love, worship and serve like Jesus

  • Tell of God’s love to all people;

  • Teach, baptise and nurture believers;

  • Respond to human need by loving service;

  • Seek to change all unjust practices and their results,

  • Challenge violence in every form and pursue peace and reconciliation; and

  • Care and protect God’s creation.


At Papakura Anglican,

  • we are an open and welcoming community of faith.

  • We value our diversity and offer generous hospitality to all, young and old.

In worship that is both innovative and traditional,

  • we seek to encounter the peace and hope of God.

  • We are committed to growing in faith and understanding,

so that we may

  • love, serve and care for one another and the wider community.

our team:
Rev'd Jason Grainger


office   09 320 5792

Janice Thompson

Office Manager

(9am - 1pm Tuesday to Friday)

office     09 299 8086

fax         09 299 8023


Vicar's Warden

office     09 299 8086

Steph Brook

Children and Youth Pastor

office    09 320 5791

Rev'd Anne Moody

St Margaret's Karaka

(9am - 1pm Tuesday to Friday)

office     09 299 8086


People's Warden

office     09 299 8086


The Anglican Church of Papakura operates across three churches, Selwyn Chapel and Christ Church in Papakura and the beautiful St Margarets's in Karaka.

We have a range of services on Sundays and through the week to meet the needs of all of our parishioners, and have a full calendar of events supporting our local community, youth, families and the local areas pastoral health.

Additionally, we are available for baptisms and dedications, weddings and funerals.