Papakura Community Dinner (PCD)

Papakura Community Dinner

[40 Coles Cres, Papakura]


To provide a meal for those in need and to engage with the community.


The Community dinner provides a meal and fellowship for those in need every Tuesday evening from 6-7.30pm.

We have 80-100 people attending every week and the dinner is making a very real and positive impact in the lives of those who attend.

It is hosted at Papakura Anglican church hall and supported by Crossroads Methodist Church, St Mary’s Catholic Parish, Society of St Vincent De Paul, and many others.

Helping Out

Would you like to help out? We have various roles, of which you can volunteer for more than one, as a lot of them occur at different times throughout the evening. For example, if you were willing to be there the whole night you could volunteer for set up, hospitality and pack down.

Approximate time frame of the evening

  • Hall will be open at 5pm for the set up and kitchen volunteers.
  • People arrive at 6pm.
  • Dinner is served at 6.15pm.
  • Pack down starts at 6.45pm
  • Everyone should be out the door around 7.30ish or when everything is finished.


This involves cooking the meal. Recipes and ingredients will be provided. As this is for a large quantity (approx. 50-100) this will need to be cooked prior to the night. Depending on when the cook’s for that week can prepare the meal it can be frozen.  The cooks will need to organise the meal to be picked up/delivered to the church or to someone involved in set up or kitchen duty on that night.

Set up (5.15pm-6pm)

Setting up tables, chairs, table cloths, water & cordial for the tables.

Kitchen (5-7pm)

This involves the heating up of the meal (previously prepared by ‘cook’), and cooking of any side dishes (e.g. mixed veges). This will also include serving the meals and preparation of the left overs into containers.

Wash Up (6.45/7 – 7.30pm)

Includes dishes

Pack down (7-7.30pm)

Includes putting away tables, chairs, table cloths etc.

Laundry ( Between 7.30pm and the following week)

This is washing and drying the linen (tablecloths & teatowels). This includes picking up (or arranging for pick up) from the church at 7.30pm and arranging drop off back to the church by the next Sunday.

Security (5.45-7.30pm)

Keeps an eye on cars and buildings, and maintains a presence.

Hospitality (6-7pm)

Includes welcoming and socialising with people.


Monetary donations are vital to ensure this dinner is possible.

Role Details

Set up

Please be in hall at 5p.m-5.45pm

  • Put trestle tables & chairs out (at least 8 around each table).
  • Put on each table
    • A table cloth & table runner
    • Salt & pepper shaker
    • One bottle water
    • One jug juice
    • A vase of flowers
    • A cup (upside down) for each chair around table (at least 8).

Where things are kept

  • Table cloths, table runners, salt and pepper shakers are all kept in cupboard in the kitchen (as you walk into kitchen on your left- top cupboard)
  • Glass bottles for water and jugs for juice are kept in and around big plastic container under bench in kitchen.
  • Vase’s for flowers are kept next to the bottles and jugs container (explained above)
  • Cups are kept in a brown box under the bench
  1. Make up Juice
    • Raro juice kept in the cupboard as you walk into kitchen on your left
    • Please follow the instructions on the package
    • Easiest to make in big plastic jug (under bench- next to fridge) and then pour into juice jugs
  2. Put out 1 table to the left of the kitchen window. On this table put:
    • Plates (under bench)
    • Koha box (in same cupboard as tablecloths)
    • 50 knives & folks (wrapped in a serviette) on a tray (in same cupboard as tablecloths- if need more, you can make these up. Knives & folks in big black containers under the bench)
    • Further to left please put 50 bowls & the bucket of spoons (both under bench)
  3. Put another table on the other side of white pole. On this table put the 3 buckets (in same cupboard as tablecloths) 1 has used cutlery written on it, 1 for food scraps & 1 for rubbish.
  4. Check male & female toilets & ensure enough toilet paper & hand towels (extra kept in cleaning cupboard, opposite kitchen).
  5. Put the music on (ask the coordintator)


Please be there in hall at 5.40pm
1 person to stand at door & welcome people.  2 to mix & talk with people attending dinner


Please be in kitchen at 5pm

The cooking coordinator will give you a task each and get you preparing the meal. You may also be asked to serve if more people are needed.


Please be in kitchen around 6pm.

You will serve the meal. This usually takes 2-4 people so some of the kitchen volunteers may help out.

Wash up

Please meet in kitchen around 6pm.

With all dishes (cooking pots, cutlery, plates, cups etc) please:

  1. Rinse them in the sink on the left and place near the sink on the right.
  2. Put them into white wire racks (slotted for plates and bowls, open for pots, cutlery holder and glasses- please place something heavy (plate etc) over plastic glasses as they’re too light for steriliser).
  3. Put the wire rack into the steriliser and press start.
  4. When this has finished, put the wire rack onto the table to air dry.
  5. Put the dishes away when dry. Note, most dry themselves but you will need to dry some of the dishes with a tea towel, for example the glasses.
    1. Cutlery- in black bins under the bench.
    2. Plates and bowls under the bench
    3. Plastic glasses into the brown box under bench
    4. Pots in cupboards (ask cooking coordinator)
    5. Juice jugs into plastic container under bench

During the meal: wash the cooking dishes as soon as

During the dessert: Clean the dinner serving dishes and also collect and clean dishes from the used dishes table (in hall).

Following dessert: Clean the dessert serving dishes and collect & clean dessert dishes from the used dishes table (in hall). There will also be the juice jugs from the tables to clean when the meal and dessert has finished.

Pack Down

Please be in hall following dessert

Approximately 7.15pm when people have finished:

  • Place jugs and water from tables on kitchen bench
  • Put salt and pepper shakers into blue container and in the cupboard in kitchen on the left as you walk in.
  • Put vases back under the bench
  • Shake the table cloths and runners and put them into the laundry bag (Blue).
  • Put away the tables and chairs
  • Sweep the floor of the hall (broom kept in cleaning cupboard opposite kitchen)
  • Check the toilets and clean if required.
  • Once these tasks are completed please help out with washing up
  • Finally please mop the kitchen floor


Laundry bag to be picked up from the hall from 7.30pm

Please wash and day these and return to the church by 5pm the following Tuesday. These can be returned to the church office within normal office hours during weekdays or on a Sunday morning.


Call around the volunteers the week prior to the Tuesday you’re coordinating to confirm they can make it. Find an alternative person if anyone can not make it and can not find a replacement themselves.

  • Be there at 5pm on the night
  • Make sure everyone knows what they are doing/their roles and allocate any additional jobs when needed.
  • Be available to talk to on the evening and answer any questions.

[40 Coles Cres, Papakura]