Thanks for considering having your child baptised and/or  dedicated (blessed) at Papakura Anglican.

This is an opportunity for you to thank God for the arrival/birth of your new child, and to ask for God’s blessing on the life of your child and your family as you continue your parenting journey.

What is infant Baptism

Baptism is the rite of initiation into the Body of Christ, The Church. Baptism is similar to a marriage where holy vows are made before God on behalf of the child. The child’s guardians/parents and sponsors/god-parents (if any) make vows before God and the Body of Christ the Church to bring the child up in the Christian faith. We as the faith community respond to this, and commit to share with your child the Christian faith. This will involve you regularly attending church so that not only can you keep your vows, but we the Body of Christ the church may also keep our vows to nurture this new person in the faith we ourselves have received.

What is a Dedication

Dedication works well where as parents, you wish your child to make their own decision about baptism later in life and/or you wish to dedicate your child very close to the birth and have baptism at a more convenient date. Dedication may also work where you do not attend church and don’t intend to, but are considering dedication for the sake of other family members, or maybe you as parents you are divided over what decision to make. You should understand that this service in not a baptism.

The service

A baptism or dedication would normally happen within our Family Service on Sundays at 9:30am (arrive by 9:10).

There is huge scope within a dedication service to customise it to your needs. A dedication service can happen outside of normal service times, or at an alternate venue.

There is no ability to customise a Baptism as this service is set by our church constitution. A baptism must happen within a church service, be this in one of our buildings, or occasionally in the sea or a river where the baptism candidate is older. The only instance in which baptism happens outside of the gathered church community is in an emergency.

Your next step is to fill the baptism form in below. We will then make contact to arrange baptism preparation.

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You may choose to have sponsors/God-parents for your infant child. You do not have to have sponsors. Any sponsors must be baptised themselves.

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